Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Siding Ho!

I had some time off over Christmas, and wonder of all wonders my siding finally came in. I had decided to go with a weathered wood style vinyl siding from Kaycan.  The swirls in the siding match both the roof and some Polyroche fake rock that I am using to break up the huge mass there is.
Overall, I might just need to pick up another course of the rock and double it. Right now it looks good, but a second course of it might look better.

I also have ideas floating in my head for changing how I was going to frame up my front deck area. Dad did some railings and the like at the cabin out of  actual trees/logs and I might just want to copy that style for my porch. It means pulling off what I have already put in place, but the wood touch would look so much better I think. (I was planning to do something like this on the inside for my loft area, but adding some outside would tie everything together.

Ah weight. I get nervous about my frame more and more. ;)

Ah I want to get back up there and fiddle more. The snow just makes things so much harder though. I was getting nervous with my ladder.

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  1. Hey Jared,

    I have to agree with you on the weathered wood siding. It looks really nice, especially combined with that fake rock. Probably a good idea to double up like you mentioned too.

    Can you show some more pictures of what you are doing? Maybe add in some of the process. Like, what you do to get from step 1 to step 2? It would help people a lot.

    Carl Morton @ All-In-One Home Solutions, LLC