Monday, August 18, 2014

Walls going up

Now that I have managed to get the floor down and the trailer fixed, I could actually start framing. Which is something that I know I can do. I still need to get some epoxy to fiberglass the inside of my new wheel wells before I secure them down so I could not work on that portion of the wall framing,  but the rear of the trailer is up at least.

I also have built two of the other wall sections  not to mention cutting the wood gor another two aread. I can erect them once I have that fiberglassing done. (The benefit of doing the wells this way is that I get lots of practice for my ofuro making later.)

Time to decide if i want a sliding glass door on the front or french doors. (Space vs looks, really).

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More work done

Well despite my best efforts to mess things up, the axles are on the trailer. I seriously need to get new bolts though for some of the springs. Little did I know that most of the existing bolts had this issue with a score down the threading.  This means that while I have them on, the one axle has not been tightened at all.

Then there is the issue of the grinding off of the bad mounts. I managed to get it done, and the one axle mounted quite well. The other is just the slightest bit off, so when I put it on the spring the u bolt would not fit. I will need to take a hammer to it when I pull the springs off, in order to percussion fit the whole thing together.

Framing wise, I fixed my issue I made from miss cutting my centre section when putting it together. Rather then having my beams run the length of the trailer,  I cut them by accident to run width wise, meaning my plywood seams did not have any support. I wound up pulling off the plywood and slipping some blocking in between,  giving the plywood that much needed help.

The other bit of work that was preformed was some of the framing around my wheel wells. That was a last minute thing before I left for home, but it looks like it ought to work. I shall need to get a roll of fiberglass or metal in order to protect the word from spray since I do not have fenders any more.