Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Looming little more house like?

On the whole it doesn't feel like I got a whole ton of work done this past weekend. More plywood went up, covering the dormer/loft area and a little more was added to the roof. The biggest addition was getting the skylight in place on the roof area, something that needed more then one person to do. Those things are heavy, all that glass and wood.

Overall I know where I sit in the whole getting the structure enclosed thing. I need to scab on a few boards in the loft area so I can enclose the area where the roof transistions from one pitch to the other. Right now I have nothing to hammer onto on the lower portion, but a 2x4 should easily fix that.

Another area that needs a 2x4 is the skylight. I made the opening that little bit too big that you do for windows, forgetting that of course, the skylight sits on top of the roof. This is actually also an easy fix. My spacing as it stands means that one more 2x4 on the inside of the current framing all the way around will make it fit nice and snug.

Then there are the two sections of the roof as it stands that are not covered. One is a small strip, easily cut  and set in place. The other side needs more plywood then that, but it is still fairly easy to do.

The biggest thing is my front area, where I plan to have storage and maybe another small window. This is the roof for my front porch, and would be important when it comes to locking down this porch against wind resistance when towing this beast. I plan on a small enclosed front deck with screens, but I am not too sure if I want posts or just some slanted beams that connect to the house proper. In any case, I need to rough in that front area before I can do anything further with the roof in that space. Maybe a little pressure treated lumber is in my future, just for wet resistance.

I need another roll of tyvek regardless.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Roof time

Well I just accidently deleted my last roofing post, so here it goes again.

I spent the last two weekends cutting, fiddling,  re cutting and getting my rafters up on the structure. When it came down to it I had given myself a little less headroom in the loft, and a bit more of an overhang to my main beam then I had thought I might do. Given that I made it with three 2x4x8's, doubled up, I suppose this was to be expected. The entire frame is 24' 4" after all. So I will need to scab another section on in order to make it that extra little bit I need.

Then again right now I am not building that area, the little front space extension that will serve as a roof over my porch and storage space, so I can get away with it for now. Other then that, a few sheets of plywood were stuck onto the roof, but I still need to add more, and close in my loft area up top with plywood. I was running short of the small screws I was using for this purpose, so I decided to come down at my usual god awfully early on Sunday. Really a waste to come down that early.

Scabbed in my skylight opening, but I need to cut the little rafter segments that will help support that area. Overall, it is starting to look like a house.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Two weekends of work

After two weekends of work, running out of 2x4s and a need for a lumber run, I actually have some walls up.

I banged together my ridge board, but I needed to remind myself on just how to get my angles and birdsmouth cuts correct. So I decided not to do any more work on the Monday and came home to bone up on just how to do this. Ah for those times I wish i could tap dad's knowledge.

I think i can cut them all and haul them up in my car. That will save some gas. That truck is a monster for has usage.

I think I will also relocate a Window from the peak in the dormer/loft to a wall by the bathroom. The bathroom does have a window in it but I have not cut it out from the plywood as yet. Changing some framing will not be easy but not impossible either.

Oh I forget. I need to look up how to frame in a skylight. There is one sitting around that is not in use, and it would look great on the house.