Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Dance Floor

When we were building the cabin where the majority of this construction is taking place, the floor we had just put in was called the dance floor. Mostly because it was a big surface with not much else going on.

Now that I was the floor in on my tiny house, I have my own tiny dance floor. A good chunk of 2x4's will fix that next weekend, but until then I am sure the mice, birds and other critters are having dance parties while I am here at work.

I also scavenged a door from the basement storage of the cabin. We had brought it up to do a better cut down job to replace the one that is there already. (The basement is really an oversized crawl space. I have to keep my head ducked or a -lot- of swearing is in my future). I am not happy with it as a final solution, but it will suit for getting spacing, and even getting me through the lock up stage of the tiny house. (I really want more light in that side of the house and a window is the door is more optimal).

If I get really enthusiastic I can always try cutting it in half and making a dutch door.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Boneyard

This city is quite lucky to have a couple of window manufactures in it. As such, if you go around and ask about their 'Boneyard', you can usually get a good deal on a new window that is either miss-cut, or returned from a job as unneeded. When my parents built the cabin they had a number of nice wood casement windows from someone who worked at one of these places. I decided to hit up another and see what I could get.

My first trip was a wash, since they closed before I got there. With a 4:30 closing time, and a 4:00 quitting time for me, I have to rush in order to make it there. My second trip was a bit more eventful, and I managed to pick up a pair or 16" x 32" casement windows for 100 dollars each. However I did not have cash on hand at the time, and well... taxes are a thing they need to worry about when they draw up paperwork for a debit transaction. If I pay in cash.... I am sure they report the transaction. Surely they do. ;)

This needed a third trip where I picked up five more windows, and this time I had cash in my wallet. These ones were non opening for the most part, which took the price down a ton. I picked up a pair of windows, 46" x 22" for fifty each, and paid another fifty for a window that did open and was frosted. 22" x 22". This should work for the washroom. Rounding it all out was a pair of 19" x 22" windows that I think I will stick in the roof peaks. At thirty dollars each, these five cost less then the others did with tax. Not a bad little haul.

Now that I have seven windows, I can start to work out the wall framing.

I just wish someone would get back to me about those springs.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


I managed to but my new axles the other day and ran them up this weekend. Of course I did not order springs at the same time. Silly me, but I did not have my spring length at the time. 26". So now I need to get springs and mount them. I might be able to get away with the old tires for the purpose of leveling for the purpose of building.

In the end though i will need to replace those wheels since not only are the rims the old split style which are not allowed any more, but those tires are not good. Aged and cracking.

Alas no photos taken, but over the past two weekends I got the sheet on the frame and started the framing for the back of the structure. I might have done more framing but not only is the version of sketch up on the cabin computer old, but when I take up the new version it wants a file from the net which I do not have.