Monday, November 17, 2014

Sliding glass door

I sprung for my siding and a sliding glass door this week. Very painful on the wallet but it makes the exterior that much more close to being done. The siding I chose looks awesome though and brings in the colours of the roof and the polyroche.

I have the polyroche faux stone siding for the bottom course and might have started on it, but the corners are really wiggity and I wanted to look up the installation methods to make sure I was doing things right. As it, I know how to do it now, but I need to cut stuff on the corners since I am not going to do the installation over the lathes. If I cut back my tyvek for that spot, I can do the alternate installation method of directly over the plywood.

It was bloody cold up at the cabin, in fact record cold for the region on that day. So while I got the door in, I did not do much else on the day. And then the cold had the truck not starting, so I was a little panicked that I might be stuck up at the cabin for longer then I'd like.

The door looks great though, and I sprung for the blinds between the glass, double sided opening doors that Home Depot had. I installed a five footer, but I would have gladly pirated their display model which was all of 3 feet perhaps? A perfect size for a tiny home I thought.

I still think I will need to install one more tiny window on the blank side of the house. If I stick it above the level of the large landing steps I am planning for my stairs it will add light to a semi-dark corner. Tiny to pick through the boneyard (or new and used) again.

Once I get all of this exterior work done, I can always do interior work over the winter when there is snow on the ground.

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