Friday, January 16, 2015

Missteps and missing people.

There are times I really miss my dad. he was a font of knowledge, mostly because he bashed his knuckles on the same projects back in the day.  I would love to pick his brain on certain topics, and on others he might have saved me some pain.

Such as the sudden realization that I have been doing my vinyl siding wrong.

In most things, you but up the siding and then the edging to cover it. In Vinyl you need to do it the other way around since it fastens underneath.

Oh joy, undoing work to get these things in place is going to be a pain in the ass.

Also I just heard my VISA card cuss me out as I dropped the money on a Separett. Best to get it now, so that the place will be at least semi usable. Worst comes to worst I can use it on my property that septic would not work on.

So going up this weekend to deal with things such as putting decking on the front, pulling off those side railings and getting my siding on the front, and then fixing my mistakes with the Vinyl. Not necessarily in that order, but still.

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