Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Two weekends of work

After two weekends of work, running out of 2x4s and a need for a lumber run, I actually have some walls up.

I banged together my ridge board, but I needed to remind myself on just how to get my angles and birdsmouth cuts correct. So I decided not to do any more work on the Monday and came home to bone up on just how to do this. Ah for those times I wish i could tap dad's knowledge.

I think i can cut them all and haul them up in my car. That will save some gas. That truck is a monster for has usage.

I think I will also relocate a Window from the peak in the dormer/loft to a wall by the bathroom. The bathroom does have a window in it but I have not cut it out from the plywood as yet. Changing some framing will not be easy but not impossible either.

Oh I forget. I need to look up how to frame in a skylight. There is one sitting around that is not in use, and it would look great on the house.

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