Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Roof time

Well I just accidently deleted my last roofing post, so here it goes again.

I spent the last two weekends cutting, fiddling,  re cutting and getting my rafters up on the structure. When it came down to it I had given myself a little less headroom in the loft, and a bit more of an overhang to my main beam then I had thought I might do. Given that I made it with three 2x4x8's, doubled up, I suppose this was to be expected. The entire frame is 24' 4" after all. So I will need to scab another section on in order to make it that extra little bit I need.

Then again right now I am not building that area, the little front space extension that will serve as a roof over my porch and storage space, so I can get away with it for now. Other then that, a few sheets of plywood were stuck onto the roof, but I still need to add more, and close in my loft area up top with plywood. I was running short of the small screws I was using for this purpose, so I decided to come down at my usual god awfully early on Sunday. Really a waste to come down that early.

Scabbed in my skylight opening, but I need to cut the little rafter segments that will help support that area. Overall, it is starting to look like a house.

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