Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Not overly productive

A very quiet weekend for actually getting anything done on the roost. Went up after work on Friday with my mom and a load of wood. She was going to rebuild the steps on the deck at the cabin since the stringers and everything were getting awfully rotten. Since she was hauling up some wood anyways, I went and grabbed a small load of 2x4's as well. Not enough to really get anywhere special, but when I have a chance I ought to be able to get the flatdeck framed up.

I did manage to cut off a bit of the front flange on the trailer, but damn it took a long while. Angle grinders, metal cutting wheels, and some good old elbow grease. There is still a lot left to get off however. As for the back flange, I might wind up leaving it, giving me a bit more protection of the entire frame sliding off the rear of the trailer. I still think I ought to remove the old sewage hose holding assembly though. More grinding in my future.

I did try to turn the entire frame onto it's side, but it is one hefty chunk of metal. Jacking and the like only got it up so far. I really need to build some cribbing and jam it under there during jacks. Maybe then I will actually be able to get it up enough to do the needful. Between trying to get flashing welded to the underside and replacing the axles I need access to the underside of the frame and that seems to be the best way to get at it.

Yes I am going to replace the axles. I need to get the proper measurements in order to order them, but I was not sure what I needed. However looking at them when I was up, I did verify that I only have five bolts on it, which make them likely somewhere in the neighbourhood of 3500# each. That does not  really leave enough to play with for building a house, so I will likely update them to 5200 each at the very least. New brakes and hubs might as well be achieved at the same time.

I will still be out a lot less then if I had bought even a used trailer, so I am not overly concerned. (shipping costs are going to be a bitch though!)

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