Friday, May 23, 2014

Down to the basics

Well the Aero is no more, long live the Aero. The frame is stripped down to just the basics, and during the long weekend, I went up to do some further cleaning of it. I still need to do a bunch of cutting to a few bits of metal. At the back there is a flange that the old sani-house housing is attached to. This needs to be cut and ground off. At the front, there is the flange that forms the curve that was the bottom of the front of the trailer. I think I will cut off the top bit of this, though I might not need to. I could get away with building around it potentially.

As for the rest of the frame, the rust was bad in a few spots, where the floor had been rotten right through as water was getting in to the old trailer. I did a little bit of deep grinding in those spots, but most of the grinding was actually not needed. I cut off and ground down the old bolts, and cut off the tips of the old aluminum rivets holding the metal of the shell to the frame. When that was all done, out came the steel brush attachment for the drill. A lot of work later I had the loose rust and dirt off the metal.

A coat of rust paint later and the trailer is actually looking pretty darn good. There is a bit of work needed on the the axles such as a bit of cleaning and a coat of rust paint. ( I also need to go up and count the bolts on them. Didn't know they had a set number of bolts per axle weight. Go figure).

So progress was made, but mostly in the painting and cleaning parts. I also now have good measurements in order to try and figure out just how I want to lay the structure out. I had a thought that I might do a deck at the back and a enclosed porch at the front, but I need to decide how that puts the weight balance for the structure, and whether or not roll shutters would be sufficient to allow me to tow it without causing problems with a front deck.

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