Thursday, October 15, 2015

It has been a while.

Yes it has been a while since I posted anything up here.

I am working two jobs again, so my weekends are taken up by working and not by the assembly of pieces of my tiny house. Alas and alak.

On the plus side, I have gotten some work done, and my exterior is 95% finished, and in deed the structure is almost road worthy.

yes that is the siding done, the roof done, and the facia up on two sides of the structure. I still need to put siding on those little triangles up by the loft on both sides, and the side not pictured needs to have the last courses of siding run and the facia put up. The front also needs to have the facia put on, put I didn't do it on my stolen three days off since I wanted to fix my roofing overlap.

I didn't quite overlap it enough to cover the siding (an easy enough error to make your first time doing roofing I imagine).

I like the way the rock looks now. Two courses fits so much better then one, and it ties all nicely with the weathered wood style vinyl siding.

I need to finish the last bit of siding and facia on the other side and the front facia, and hang my front clearance lights. Then maybe I can get it road inspected and actually licensed.

Then maybe some interior work can be done.

I have cut the stringers for my stairs, and I did get my toilet in.

I want to drop the loft space floor an inch (I have just that much clearance from the door) to give myself a little headroom. Right now it is just a bit too cramped for my liking.

If I did it again, you know that the center area between the wheel wheels would be a good spot for a rolling bed, and I would shed roof the house to make the loft a little office/work space/library.

Ah well. that and another window or two are my should haves.

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