Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Boneyard

This city is quite lucky to have a couple of window manufactures in it. As such, if you go around and ask about their 'Boneyard', you can usually get a good deal on a new window that is either miss-cut, or returned from a job as unneeded. When my parents built the cabin they had a number of nice wood casement windows from someone who worked at one of these places. I decided to hit up another and see what I could get.

My first trip was a wash, since they closed before I got there. With a 4:30 closing time, and a 4:00 quitting time for me, I have to rush in order to make it there. My second trip was a bit more eventful, and I managed to pick up a pair or 16" x 32" casement windows for 100 dollars each. However I did not have cash on hand at the time, and well... taxes are a thing they need to worry about when they draw up paperwork for a debit transaction. If I pay in cash.... I am sure they report the transaction. Surely they do. ;)

This needed a third trip where I picked up five more windows, and this time I had cash in my wallet. These ones were non opening for the most part, which took the price down a ton. I picked up a pair of windows, 46" x 22" for fifty each, and paid another fifty for a window that did open and was frosted. 22" x 22". This should work for the washroom. Rounding it all out was a pair of 19" x 22" windows that I think I will stick in the roof peaks. At thirty dollars each, these five cost less then the others did with tax. Not a bad little haul.

Now that I have seven windows, I can start to work out the wall framing.

I just wish someone would get back to me about those springs.

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